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If it were easy, it wouldnít be called Search. Our goal is to create value where talent and opportunity connect.

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Subodh Khandelwal, founder of K2 Consultants, has an experience of around two decades. During this period, he had worked in industry and had then worked for two established Executive Search firms. He knows from his own personal experience, about both sides of the "fence", that senior board level recruitment needs very careful definition of the issues, culture, role, etc and an in depth understanding of the board level parameters that can only come from personal experience at this level. Subodh’s personal experience enables him to realise the levels of commitment and dedication that are necessary to achieve the best results. K2 Consultants is thus competent to provide this degree of dedication and assurance, with the highest levels of professionalism.

Seamless Approach
The experienced consultant will discuss the details, requirements, strategy, function, competencies and definition of the role and the company, with the client and all relevant personnel involved in the hiring. A detailed brief will then be prepared and when agreed by the Client, extensive research will be carried out for suitable individuals, possibly backed up by selective advertising, if required. Suitable individuals will then be approached and, if found appropriate, interviewed. Post this; a short list is presented to the client of selected individuals who have the right calibre for the job, together with detailed individual reports on all the shortlist candidates. K2 Consultants will be a part of the final selection process including negotiation and smooth joining of the selected candidate.

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